Three Different Learning Stages

VRCORE Ed walks students through 3 learning stages in order to maximize educational value. Individual, Classroom lead, and Student-driven application.

Jason Van Hierden
Immersed Director
Collaboration Learning Stage
January 26, 2023

VRCORE Ed is an educational company that utilizes virtual reality to create immersive learning experiences for students.

The company has developed three different stages of learning to walk the students through in order cater to the needs and abilities of each student.

The first stage is the individual stage, where each student has their own virtual space to explore and learn at their own pace. This is important because not all students will be comfortable with virtual reality at the same speed, and it allows them to gain confidence in the virtual environment before interacting with other students. This also allows students to begin the learning scaffolding required for the next two stages.

VRCORE Ed's approach allows for a flexible and tailored learning experience for each student, as well as opportunities for collaboration and facilitated learning.

The second stage is the global multi-player stage, where a teacher joins the students in the large virtual world, such as a gymnasium, and guides them through educational objectives. In this stage all the students can see and interact with each other. They can walk from one end of the gymnasium to the other while interacting with the VR world and other students. This allows the teacher to facilitate learning and focus the students on relevant content in an interactive way.

The third stage is the small group learning pods, where groups of three to five students enter a small virtual space together and are presented with different variables to explore and learn from. This allows for more collaboration and personalized learning within a small group setting. This also allows us to confirm what the student learned as they build from their new knowledge.

Overall, VRCORE Ed's approach to virtual reality education allows for a flexible and tailored learning experience for each student, while also providing opportunities for collaboration and facilitated learning.

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