Learn Anything, Anywhere

Cross-curricular learning, baked into immersive free-roam VR experiences.

60 - 70 min

Of immersive VR learning (adjustable per school)

15 - 35 students

In a large-scale, free-roam experience at a time

Early Advisors:

What does an experience look like?

Each VRCORE experience is an hour-long, guided journey into another world.

Students learn the basics of VR before stepping into an immersive, interactive journey to space, the nucleus of a cell, or the heart of the Amazon. We tie in Science, Social Studies, Phys Ed, Technology Studies and Environmental Education.

With options for single-class events to month-long residencies, you can choose the setup that fits your school's needs.

Our Experience Library

We've built our curriculum over the past five years—working with partners like Stanford University, Microsoft, Make-a-Wish, and guided by the input of teachers, principles, and student's alike.

Outer Space
Into the Solar System

Stroll through our solar system in a breathtaking, asteroid-blasting adventure.

Coming Soon
World Ecosystems

Delve into the heart of some of the world's most formidable ecosystems.

LIFE Science
Cells, Tissues, and Organ Systems

Step into the human body, and learn about life-sustaining processes in the cell and beyond.

Coming Soon

We Want Teacher Input

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