Revolutionizing Learning with VR Field Trips

VRCORE is a virtual reality education platform that enables students to take interactive, curriculum-focused field trips in your gymnasium.

Jason Van Hierden
Immersed Director
an isometric solar system with unknown planets
January 5, 2022

Immersed is revolutionizing the way students learn by taking them on virtual reality field trips.

Using cutting-edge technology, we are able to transform any gymnasium into a portal to any location, time period, or environment in the world. With Immersed, students are able to explore these immersive worlds alongside a knowledgeable teacher, who guides them through a curriculum-focused, interactive experience. This unique learning method allows students to engage with the material in a hands-on way, deepening their understanding and retention of the information.  

Not only is the Immersed experience educational, it is also incredibly fun and exciting.

Students are able to visit places and learn about subjects that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. They can explore ancient ruins*, visit distant planets, or even go back in time to witness historical events firsthand*. (*Not available yet) At Immersed, we believe that virtual reality has the power to transform the way we learn. By providing students with a rich, engaging, and interactive learning experience, we are able to foster a love of learning and help them succeed in the classroom and beyond. If you're interested in bringing Immersed to your school, contact us today to learn more.

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